Besides the Beach, It’s Two Historic Places In Phuket That You Can Visit

Holiday or just visiting Phuket will take you to the various interesting place there. However, before you have to choose a comfortable lodging so you can enjoy your vacation there. You can choose Trisara Luxury Resort in Phuket as the best lodging there.

In addition to charming places and luxurious accommodations, you can also enjoy the various historical places there. Some of the most visited places are

1. Old Phuket Town
It is about 30 minutes from Patong Beach. There are many old buildings that have Chine-Portuguese architecture. The building is given various colors in order to be an attraction for many people.

2. Wat Chalong
This temple is one of the historic temples in Phuket. You can enjoy the grandeur of the temple shrouded in golden charm in every corner. However, if you will visit there then you should use a decent dress because the temple is still used to worship by Buddhists.

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