Prevent Heat Oil Spray With Splatter Screen

Cooking fish tastes annoying when the cooking oil spills. There is a safe solution to prevent it from happening. One of them is to use a splatter screen. If the oil used to fry the fish, it can sprinkle for one reason. The oil will react when exposed to water, especially when the oil is located at high temperatures. Any food ingredients in which having liquid will cause a splash on the oil. When cooking fish, oil so splat it because in the fish there is excessive water content. Oil can spurt due to the temperature difference with the moisture content in the food. The fix is so easy that fish frying will no longer be frightening due to oil splashes. There are several ways to avoid splashes of oil while cooking fish, which are given flour or using a splatter screen.

First, when cooking there is a good fish that has been given spices soaked into the flour. Although it will produce another flavor, the flour will prevent oil splashes. Flour serves to absorb water so that the levels in the fish no longer exists. Use cornstarch which has a higher absorption capacity than other types of flour. Next, when cooking fish, then immediately use the cover so that oil splashes are avoided.

However, if you are already exposed to hot oil splashes you can do some of these ways:

– Honey and Turmeric

As long as the skin is not damaged or bleeding, you can apply a little honey and turmeric powder to relieve the sensation of heat or burning.

– Cucumber
Cucumber slices can reduce mild burns. Cucumber contains antioxidants, vitamin C and K which effectively reduce inflammation. They also contain pantothenic acid which can help the skin and retain moisture.

– Aloe vera
Applying aloe leaves freshly cut can help accelerate the healing of damaged skin tissue.

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