Never Do Any Mistake When Operating and Maintaining AC System

Regarding the issue of your AC system, why don’t you call aircon singapore professional? Mistakes in maintaining the most common AC unit in the maintenance of an air conditioning unit are often negligent or forgotten in cleaning or replacing an AC filter. This happens because you do not care or sometimes think that it is a waste. And if you are negligent consequently expenditure to be spent will be greater than the cost of care. In addition, a dirty AC filter will cause freezing of the AC evaporator coil so that it will cause bad airflow. Filters are dirty will cause the working life of the AC system becomes shorter so that will increase the cost of repairs to be greater.


How long does it take to clean your air conditioner unit? At a minimum, you must clean or replace the filters on your air conditioner unit once every three months and as often as once a month if your system runs at any time (24 hours continuously).