This is Why You Should Not Wear Respirator N95 too Long

You may have heard of excellent quality masks called N95 or Respirator N95. Under certain circumstances, such as smoke haze due to forest fires, volcanic ash, etc., where air quality can harm health, the N95 mask can help many people. Mask N95 becomes one of the five best masks available on the website Therefore we will provide brief information about N95 masks.

As an important clue, the N95 mask is not intended for short-distance use such as leaving home to school or workplace. Or a bus stop to the shopping center. The N95 mask is also not intended for indoor use. For groups of people who have chronic lung or heart disease, the elderly and pregnant women should avoid outdoor activities when the air quality is not good. If they have to be outdoors for a few hours, the N95 mask can help reduce air exposure.

But if you start feeling uncomfortable using N95 masks, should be removed immediately. Elderly, pregnant women and those with severe respiratory or heart disease should consult their physician whether or not to wear N95 masks. For pregnant women entering the second or third trimester should stop using N95 masks if they feel uncomfortable.

For best results, N95 masks should be fit for each user. Choose a mask of the appropriate size so that it closes the nose and mouth comfortably without causing a leak. The use of masks for the general public during air pollution is not identical with for health workers during pandemic conditions of airborne infectious diseases.

That’s a brief suggestion while using the N95 mask. As a mask that is not used every day, it must follow the instructions in order to avoid a more complicated problem. You certainly do not want to get too long in a complicated situation simply because it does not use the N95 mask properly.