These Two Terms Often You Meet On Web Hosting

Many internet users or computers use web hosting to store their data. To get the web hosting you need, you can visit web hosting is very needed by many people because it is considered as a thing that can store all their data and set their website to stay always in an online state.

There are several terms in web hosting that you know, like

1. Disk capacity
As with computers that have storage space, then hosting also has a limit from your data storage, you can choose disk space size with a cheap package for you that suits your website needs.

2. Bandwidth
This is the amount of data on the incoming access point to access your website. In general, this bandwidth is calculated in units of megabytes so if the hosting package you choose has a bandwidth of 2000 MB, then the maximum limit for accessing your website is 2000 MB per month. This can be equated with internet packages.