Know Some of These Tips To Avoid No Scratch On Your Car When Cleaning It

Hygiene of the car must always be kept considering you will always use the car wherever you go. Because of this so cleaning the car should always do. If you can not clean it yourself then there is auto detailing san diego that will help you in cleaning your car very clean and tidy. A dirty car would be very uncomfortable, would not it?

So, whatever the reason you give, cleaning the car should always be done for your own convenience. In addition, the dirt on the car will make the part in the car to be peeling or even too difficult to clean. However, you need to consider is how to clean the car so the car is not scratched. Here are some tips you can use.

1. Do not use soap

Do not use handwashing soap, dishwashers, glass cleaning liquids or paints Otolovers. Various laundry soap has a different formula with car wash soap so it is not impossible to damage the paint color of your car. Choose a soap that is devoted to the car wash. Therefore, one in choosing soap will also adversely affect the physical condition of the car to be washed.

2. . Do not wash the car while the machine is still in hot condition

We recommend that you do not wash the car when the engine is hot or the new car is parked in a hot place. Hot conditions on the surface of the car to make cleaning fluid quickly dry. These conditions also make the car hard to wash and actually even leave a stain that is difficult to remove.

3. Wet the car body first

Wet the entire surface of the car with water before cleaning using soap. To maximize, wash the car also do not immediately all wash then rinsed, but one by one clean it. For example, when you are cleaning the front hood, clean it to rinse, then move to the side. This is done so that the soap does not dry out quickly and instead forms a stain that is difficult to remove.