Problems On Marble And Granite Floors

The floor is a part of the house that we should always pay attention to, whatever type of floor you choose, of course, have certain deficiencies and advantages, many types of flooring available on the market, each flooring is certainly vulnerable to different problems. For example, wood is susceptible to fungus because of moisture, natural rock types have different problems, this is of course also different from the type of marble, for example, the marble floor of a cheap house is different from the quality marble floor. To deal with this, you can consult with our experts, the Grand Prairie foundation repair that already has certification and license and tested in making improvements.

Efflorescence or crystallization that appears like a white powder on the stone surface. This is normal for new stone installations, this problem can be removed by polishing using a master disc, a clean pad or other master product, do not use water. The removal process takes days or even months. The loss of luster is a common problem over time, it usually occurs in marble and granite, the marble floor of the house is generally easier to lose lightning because of the granite, but this is also influenced by the quality of the rock, you can use the polish master to return the flash on your floor. Cleanliness of the floor should also be kept to maintain lightning from the floor.

Etching is the incidence of dull areas on stones due to exposure to acidic liquids such as grapes, oranges, soft drinks, vinegar, tile cleaners etc. This problem is also more vulnerable to marble than granite. Etching can be removed by polishing dull areas using abrasive diamonds, for heavy etching to be fixed by melting with abrasive diamonds from coarse to medium. You should avoid using acid-based cleaning agents to prevent etching. Splling is a small hole that arises on the surface of the rock, the problem is generally if the stone exposed to water or submerged in water a lot of frequency and a long time, or the use of acid salts to polish or remove stains. Small spalling can be trickled by filling the surface with a polyester, epoxy, or filler cement type that has a color adjacent to your floor pattern. Spalling great, very irreparable, the only way with a new replace way.