This is Why Concrete Can Crack

Lots of causes of cracks that occur in reinforced concrete caused by the process of making the less good. As an example when the concrete is paved with a lot of water, it is necessary for the maintenance of concrete in order to remove the water from the concrete mixture is not excessive. But due to the lack of maintenance, so that when the concrete is formed there will be many cracks. If you experience that, you can visit our website to get free foundation repair estimate in San Marcos TX.

1. The influence of the environment
Since the reinforced concrete of the building is in direct contact with the outer cuca, the impact of this weather slightly contributes to the crack in the concrete so that the old building construction suffers a lot of cracks. One of the environmental influences that cause cracked concrete is the result of rainwater. As a result of the old concrete in the old building receives rainwater directly, over time the rainwater enters into the concrete pores that then reach the reinforcement on the concrete. If when the rainwater has been about steel reinforcement, then there will be a reaction between reinforcing steel with reinforcement that causes steel reinforcement becomes rusty or corrosive. As a result of corrosive reinforcement steel and added a broad factor such as loading resulted in the concrete will experience cracks.

2. Loading
Once the reinforced concrete structure is finished and the whole building is ready for use, the reinforced concrete structure will receive loads. Loads acting on reinforced concrete structures generally consist of own loads and external loads (wind, human load, earthquake loads, etc.). If the reinforced concrete structure accepts the load in accordance with the planned load-carrying capacity or load, the concrete structure should be fine. But sometimes the concrete will accept the load beyond its capability, and usually, the loading that exceeds the planned capacity is what causes the crack in the concrete structure.

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